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Host your art here to sell, or show your artwork for all to see.
ArtistsTray.Com or ArtistStray.Com
Call it what you will.

Host your artistic works, be it Graphic arts, paintings, pen and ink, colored pencil,  or your literary stylings, poems and photography.


Welcome one and all to

Our goal is to provide you a place online to show your artistic abilities.
It has been my experience that many people do not know how to undertake such an endeavor - including myself at one point. Therefore I decided that myself and people I know personally should have some place to showcase our artistic creations. And this be that very place.

If you don't have a gallery here we hope you enjoy your stay and hope you will let people know how to find us. Thanks for stopping,,, BYE.

This page will eventually feature just a list of the Members of Right now there are only 4 active galleries so I have them listed to the right. Hopefully someday I will have a ton of online art galleries and you would be able to look for someone by name on this page. Or just do a search to find who you are looking for. It may or may not be easier than searching someone out on the art galleries page. Who knows this page might turn into a search page where you can search out types of art by medium or style. We shall see what the future holds.

There are currently only 4 members to this website. It is easier right now just to direct you to the Galleries page. We have some really nice pieces of work available for purchase. You may use the contact page provided to each artist if you would like to inquire of the purchase of anything you see.

As time goes on this place is going to get bigger. I am still working on the creation of my gallery and the creation of galleries for my friends and family.


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