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Featured Poetry of Sarika


Original Artwork by Sari

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I began writing poetry through the natural progression of life. I am posting some of the more recent poems and I hope that you enjoy the read. 


Scattered like ritual bones.

Purpose distorted.

Invisible limbs

Create coherency.

Focus lay strewn

About and around.

How did my bones

End up on the ground?


S. A. Mogollon

I will one day add more to describe me and my words but until then, this is all you get. Go ahead and dig in.

[ Blue ] [ Retribution ] [ Mirror ] [ She Spins ] [ Wolfsong]

Morning Urges ] [ I am No Job ] [ The Drowning ] [ A Winters Heart ]

[ Endless Filth ] [ The Grey ] [ Chaos's Thief ] [ It Rained Today ] [ Hot Ice ]

Illusion ] [ Winter ] [ Again ]
Breakfast with the Cosmos' Shamen ]

Well that is all I have collected for you for right now. One day I shall post more poetry. That day is not today

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