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NAME: Andrés Mogollón
D.O.B.: 09-29-67
LOC.: Indianoplace

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I have been writing poetry from a seemingly very early age. I am not sure where most poets start to write in there lives so it might not be early at all. I am the sixth of seven children and was preceded in poetry by a number of older siblings. Most prominently were my eldest sister Raquel and my brother Dav. Not that the others didn't write to some degree or another but I was most chiefly influenced by those two as far as writing goes. I was not to familiar with my sisters writings in my early stages so the credit for my desire to write would have to sit squarely on my brother Dav's shoulders.

The first poem I wrote that I can remember was written as part of a book report of sorts. It was actually a short story about a ghost ship that was reputed to be sailing around the north Atlantic. I do not have a copy of this poem which I wrote when i was in the 5th grade but the teacher, Mrs. Cooper was so impressed she had me read it to the entire class. My fear of public speaking might have made me stop writing altogether but I read it. I am not sure the other kids cared about it one way or the next.
Shhhh, Listen.
There's a lesson here.
These few words might move mountains.
Close your eyes
and visualize,
... Those purple mountains majesty.
Now repeat after me.
Move, Mountains! Move!
Did you see them shudder?
and make it so.

I didn't start to really concentrate on writing until about 1982. I did scribble some thought prior to then, some poems and a half ass journal of sorts. But I seem to have either lost or trashed anything from before that year. Since that time I have been abundant with words. My last actual count was some 600 poems, but that was some 10 years ago. Of course a lot of them suck ass but there are some good ones hither and yon.

For the purpose of this site I will refuse to show you stuff that sucks, or at least stuff that I consider to suck. And I will try to keep it as current as possible.

That's about all I have to say about poetry right now so I will go ahead and get started posting some poems.


I with trembling hands

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